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Because every shape can

Every shape can roll. Not only circles, but squares can roll too. So can triangles, pentagons, hexagons, and all other shapes. However, a shape needs to first understand what it is, and find the right environment to roll in.

At The Rolling Square®, we have the vision that everyone can live flourishing lives (i.e. get rolling). But for this to happen, we need to be equipped with the right knowledge of who we are and the necessary life-skills for success. It is also important to understand the ideal environments that we can each thrive in. To achieve this vision, we work on our mission of producing exciting, engaging, and enriching learning resources for growing character life-skills, social-emotional competencies, and leadership strengths.

Who We Are

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We are people of different shapes and sizes rolling towards a common goal...
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Our programmes

'Character English' character education

How can you nurture and grow in your child positive character strengths and values? Find out more about our Character English® program. Your child will have lots of fun with our songs, stories, poems, arts & crafts, and lots more.

We use an interdisciplinary learning approach with character education themes taught through lessons of English, Mathematics, Science, and Art. Ready-to-use resources and lesson ideas for parents of kindergarten and lower primary children. Curriculum packs and licensing are available for schools and homeschooling groups.

'Leadership of Nature' e-learning

In this age of Generation Alpha kids who spend so much of their time with technology, won’t it be timely to create a new appreciation of nature? Find out more about our Leadership of Nature® program.

Discover exciting and interesting scientific facts about animals and plants and learn valuable leadership lessons using real-life stories of in nature. This e-learning program for upper primary children and above will be launched soon.

'The Rolling Square' life coaching

How can you gain new understanding of yourself for your well-being? Come on an adventure to develop your social-emotional competencies. Journey along with the inspirational stories of Square and how it discovers its uniqueness, motivation, and purpose. As Square finds new opportunities and success for itself and its friends, so can you.

So don’t just ‘be alive’, but flourish and live life to your fullest! Know who you are and what you can do. Learn how you can maximise your strengths and overcome your limitations to leverage and grow.