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Introducing the A-Z Character & Leadership Strengths

What are the A-Z Strengths?

Our programs explore and teach life-skill applications for 26 Character & Leadership Strengths, one for each letter A-Z of the English alphabet. We believe that these A-Z Strengths are enduring universal values and essential qualities for developing healthy social-emotional competencies that will guide our positive relationships and behavioral choices. Having and using these strengths will help you face real-life challenges and live to your fullest potential.

Why do we need the A-Z Strengths?

We have many questions and face many challenges in our daily lives, in studies, or at work each day. Unfortunately, we are sometimes ill-equipped due to lack of the necessary character and leadership strengths to respond to the challenges. This can result in many problems.

Having Character & Leadership Strengths does not mean that your life will not have difficulty. But we believe that you will be able to positively respond to those challenges with more decisiveness and achieve the desired level of success in life. Our 26 A-Z Character & Leadership Strengths will help you understand and do positive behaviors applicable to different situations.

How do we learn the A-Z Strengths?

Character and leadership life-skills need to be learned in a practical and memorable way so that they can be applied when the situational need arises. That is why we use stories to teach these A-Z Strengths. These are exciting and the audio-visual narrative is easy to recall. The Rolling Square has 3 inspirational stories of Square & the Shapes. The Character English and Leadership of Nature programs are based on 26 real-world stories of animals and plants in nature. The range of hands-on activities that accompany each story are fun ways to reinforce the learning while improving knowledge and skills in different subject matters.


Explore these descriptions below to learn what each A-Z Strength is and why they are essential to help us live happy and flourishing lives. After developing an understanding of these terms, visit our program pages to know more about how we can help you explore and develop these Character and Leadership Strengths.

Character English icon Adaptability


The world we live in is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Adaptability is being flexible to respond effectively to different and changing needs.

Character English icon Balance


There are many things that we want each day, but we have limited time and resources. We need to balance and manage our priorities as we work towards our goals.

Character English icon Commitment


There are people who rely on us. Showing commitment means being loyal and not letting others down when they count on us to do the job well.

Character English icon Determination


Many tasks are not easy, especially when we are learning something new. Determination means never giving up in the face of challenges.

Character English icon Encouragement


Disappointments in life can make us lose heart and hope. To encourage someone means to help them believe that they can accomplish something.

Character English icon Focus


Many situations demand our attention. Being focused means paying attention to what is significant and not being distracted by unimportant things.

Character English icon Guidance


As we grow up, it is necessary to look to more knowledgeable and wiser people for help and advice. When someone guides us, they teach and mentor us.

Character English icon Humility


We should recognize and use our gifts and talents, but not boast. To be humble means that we do not be arrogant nor think about ourselves more highly than we ought to.

Character English icon Inspiration


When we are feeling dull, we need to get new energy or ideas. Finding fresh and different sources of inspiration will help us think critically and creatively.

Character English icon Joy


Some situations may not seem to be very fun. But joy is a feeling that comes from deep inside to help you be happy in everything you do.

Character English icon Kindness


There are people in this world that need our help. Kindness means we can do things to help others or to show them that we care.

Character English icon Learning


There are many things that we do not know. Learning means acquiring new knowledge or skill to know how to do things right.

Character English icon Maturity


We learn from past experiences and grow wiser. Showing maturity means making good and responsible choices to do the right things.

Character English icon Neatness


It can be hard to work when things are messy. Neatness is order and cleanliness, and it requires continuous effort to keep things in their proper place.

Character English icon Optimism


Things may not always go the way we planned. Optimism means having a positive attitude and choosing to see the good in everything, even in unfavorable circumstances.

Character English icon Perspective


It is vital to look at things from a different point of view. Seeing different perspectives can help us to understand a situation more fully and appreciate the opinions of others.

Character English icon Quality


We should strive to do things to our best abilities. It is essential to make our work of good quality so it will last the test of time and repeated use.

Character English icon Reflection


Some things may be hard to grasp the first time. Reflecting on something means thinking through thoroughly and many times over to understand it.

Character English icon Skillfulness


Practice makes perfect, and having the right tools can help too. A skill is an acquired ability that can help us increase our productivity and success.

Character English icon Trust


It is good to be able to rely on each other. Trust is a two-way relationship, and this requires all parties to be open and have confidence that the other will do them good.

Character English icon Unity


We can accomplish big things when we work together. Unity is when individuals combine their knowledge and skills as a team toward common goals.

Character English icon Vision


It is essential to work with clear and smart goals in mind. Having a vision means seeing beyond the current situation towards the bigger picture of what we want to get done.

Character English icon Watchfulness


Dangers and obstacles can catch us off guard if we are not alert. Being watchful and aware of our surroundings keeps us safe and helps us be more productive.

Character English icon X-factor


Each of us is unique, and there are no two persons in this world that are alike. Celebrating our X-factor means celebrating our similarities and our differences.

Character English icon Youthfulness


It is necessary to take a break from your busy work to rest. Recharge and refresh to maintain your youthfulness to have energy to do more things later.

Character English icon Zeal


The journey may be long and hard, and the finishing line may be far away. Showing zeal means having great enthusiasm and energy as you work towards a goal.