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People everywhere with the knowledge and life-skills for successful and flourishing lives.

We will produce engaging, enriching, and entertaining learning content for growing character life-skills, social-emotional competencies, and leadership strengths.

The Rolling Square® is an education organisation formerly incorporated as MindLife Success Pte. Ltd. in 2011. Previously, we have worked with schools and organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. In 2019, we relaunched as The Rolling Square with new learning content and a stronger online presence. Our global team of authors, artists, animators, and musicians will produce a rich variety of fun and inspiring learning content for you.

Why The Rolling Square?

Why do we call ourselves The Rolling Square? May I invite you to read ‘The Square that Wanted to Roll’ to find out more. See the testimonials from our global readers. Because every shape can roll with the right environment, we believe that we can help. Each of us has our rolling square story to share. So let’s #rolltheshapes!

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The Rolling Square is a member of the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) which aims to advance student-driven, learner-centered approaches to education. Find out more about AERO.

Meet the CAPT (co-founder, author, producer, & trainer)

Dr. LING Hua Loon has a wide range of experience in teaching and training. He has worked with children, youth and adults of all levels from kindergartens, schools, universities and beyond. He began his career in Malaysia teaching and managing children enrichment programmes. Later, he worked as a researcher at the National Institute of Education Singapore after completion of his Masters in Educational Leadership with distinction from the University of Nottingham. After obtaining his PhD in Education from the University of Hong Kong, Hua Loon is back for new adventures!

Hua Loon is also a certified life coach with the Results Coaching Systems from the NeuroLeadership Institute. He is certified in the MBTI, FIRO–B, DISC, Team Management Systems (TMS), VARK, the DSRP Method, and has an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) by WDA Singapore.  He also has a Certificate (TM) TESOL with Associateship of the College of Teachers (ACoT) TESOL.

Hua Loon has authored many books and songs in his passion for producing meaningful learning content. Among these are The Rolling Square, The Leadership of Nature and the Character English series. The lessons in these stories are motivated by his own life struggles and successes, his friends, and inspirational stories from nature. His co-authored books on character-based financial education (“Contented Connie”, “Committed Conrad”, “Sensible Serena”, “Visionary Vincent”, and “Fabulous Forest: Carl Croc and Leon Lion”) are in use in kindergartens and schools across Singapore.


"We need character and leadership education, just as we need a lighthouse... because sometimes a candle might not be bright enough."