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The Rolling Squaretm Pte. Ltd. is an educational publishing company in Singapore with the vision and mission of equipping people everywhere with resources for successful and fulfilled lives by producing engaging, enriching and entertaining learning content for growing character values and leadership life skills for success.

Formerly incorporated as MindLife Success Pte. Ltd. in 2011, and having worked with schools and organisations in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, we have rebranded and are launching new digital and print learning content in 2019 to reach out to a global audience. We work together with a team of co-authors, artists, animators and musicians from around the world to produce our fun and engaging educational content for you.

We hope you will enjoy learning, growing and rolling with us!

Meet the Author, Producer & Co-founder

Dr. LING Hua Loon has a wide range of experience in teaching and training children, youth and adults of all levels from kindergartens, schools, universities and beyond. He began his career as an educator in Malaysia teaching and managing children learning enrichment and edutainment programmes, before moving to Singapore to work as a researcher at the National Institute of Education after completion of his Masters in Educational Leadership with distinction from the University of Nottingham. He obtained his PhD in Education from the University of Hong Kong in 2018 and is now back in Singapore and Malaysia to roll on to new adventures with you!

Hua Loon’s passion for producing meaningful learning content led him to author and produce The Square that Wanted to Roll, The Leadership of Naturetm and the Character Englishtm books and programmes. The lessons in these stories are motivated by his own life struggles and successes, and of his friends around him, as well as from inspirational stories of animals and plants in nature. His other co-authored books on values-focused financial literacy education for children (“Contented Connie”, “Committed Conrad”, “Sensible Serena” and “Fabulous Forest: Carl Croc and Leon Lion”) are in use in kindergartens and schools across Singapore.


"We need character and leadership education, just as we need a lighthouse... because sometimes a candle might not be bright enough."

Team members

Co-founder & Director

Mr. CHONG Wong Mui was a senior manager in a property development and management company for many years. He found satisfaction in his work, like a square that has discovered his uniqueness and motivation, which led him to achieve success in his career. The other passion that he has is teaching, training and counselling people. He wants to equip people with attitudes, knowledge and skills so that they can lead effective and fulfilled lives. Wong Mui has a Masters in Education (Training & Development), and he is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Counselling.

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