Learning with Character English education (Part 2/2)

In this second of two related posts, we continue to explore about learning and explain how we teach the Character English education programme.

Remembering the honey bee story

In our earlier post, we wrote the story of the honey bee. We read about how it learns to find the best flowers and how it teaches other bees where to go. Honey bees are rewarded for their learning with the yummy honey they make from the flower pollen. Likewise, learning can be lots of fun and rewarding for you too!

For another telling of the story, here’s an excerpt from The Learning Bee song which is part of our Character English programme. Hope you like the song! We also have the lyrics, chords, and sheet music available. These resources and others will be available for purchase and download soon.

character english charlie and bee radio

Learning with Character English

This story of the honey bee is just one of the many fun stories we teach in our Character English programme. The honey bee story and lessons are from the letter L for Learning. Read more about our list and definitions of character and leadership strengths from A to Z here.

Like how the honey bee uses its different senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing to learn, we can too! The Character English programme uses a multimodal learning approach. There are stories for reading and listening, and word and comprehension exercises for writing. You will also have fun through songs with dance and actions to get moving about, and hands-on arts and crafts. We also have investigative science experiments, and more.

These activities are delivered through a series of customisable mini-lesson for each alphabet letter. Character English is primarily designed with a core of English language learning. This gives emphasis to improving your skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However, the programme also incorporates elements from other core subjects based on the STREAM education approach. We cover topics in science, technology, reading (language), arts, mathematics, and yes we even explore engineering concepts in some alphabet letters.


Curriculum packages for parents and teachers

Our curriculum packages have ready-to-use lesson plans and materials for parents and teachers to use with their children and students. The programme can be used at home, or integrated into your school or homeschool as a character education programme, after-school enrichment workshops, holiday camps, or assembly talks. Character English education aims to create an exciting, engaging, and enriching learning experience for your children and students through the following four key features of our programme:

1) Love for nature

Each alphabet lesson set is based on a new story of an animal or plant character to create in your child a love and awe for the wonder of nature.

2) Multimodal learning

We place emphasis on student-centered learning through use of different learning modalities to deliver the lessons through the different senses and learning preferences. Learning a same topic through different and multiple sensory experiences will help your child remember and reflect better to achieve deep learning.

3) Interdisciplinary STREAM education

Each alphabet set has lessons that cover the STREAM education subject areas of science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

4) Exciting, engaging and enriching

We strive to deliver our 3 Es to make your learning experience with us exciting (heart), engaging (mind), and enriching (life changing actions). Our team of experienced curriculum designers, educators, and artists give our best efforts to create fun and meaningful lesson activities. We always seek to improve and would love to hear from you for your feedback.

Find out more about our lessons

See a bee’s-eye overview of some of our resources here. We will be zooming in to explore more of individual lessons and materials in upcoming blog posts. Please check our blog archive page, or better still follow us on Facebook, for regular updates.

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