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“Growing your character one letter at a time.”

Character EnglishTM is a character education programme that teaches 26 character and leadership strengths through the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. The resources are designed for children at the kindergarten and primary school levels (but also for anyone who is a child at heart!).

We have stories with teacher and parent discussion guides, songs, animated video clips, hands-on art & craft, and games. The materials can used for self-learning, as one-to-one teaching, or delivered as a class. They are also ideal for after-school or holiday workshops, camps, or assembly programmes.

Read some brief answers to our frequently asked questions below.

What are the 26 character & leadership strengths?

The Character English and Leadership of Nature programmes are based on the same set of 26 character and leadership strengths. These include: Adaptability, Balance, Commitment, Determination, Encouragement, Focus, Guidance, Humility, Inspiration, Joy, Kindness, Learning, Maturity, Neatness, Optimism, Perspective, Quality, Reflection, Skillfulness, Trust, Unity, Vision, Watchfulness, X-factor, Youthfulness, Zeal. Click here to read our list and definitions.

Why teach character education?

As we list and define our character strengths, we believe that all teaching always requires and imparts character lessons. Learning is not possible void of these character strengths. For example, it would be impossible without adaptability and determination. A good teacher also imparts joy, provides encouragement, and helps reflection for deep learning. In fact, learning itself is listed as one of our character strengths.

More importantly, knowledge and skills learnt will be used to make future decisions. Every decision inherently requires the use of some character and leadership strengths. Because teaching is not possible without character lessons being learnt, we should aim for the right and positive character strengths to be taught.

How to teach character education?

Just as we believe that the teaching of academic subjects is not void of character lessons, we believe that character education does not have to be learnt detached from other subjects. The Character English programme uses an interdisciplinary learning approach. Each character strength is explored with English language lessons featuring stories and songs to learn listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. The animal and plant characters are then further explored with fun games, science investigations, mathematics, and art & craft. See samples of our new materials below.


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Useful external links

Character English nature

Character English nature songs

Here are samples from our Character English songs from the nature series. The songs will be available for online purchase and download soon, and we have the mp3 audio, sheet music, lyrics, and chords. We also have English lesson plans with worksheets and slides for teaching and discussion.

Coming Soon... Character English 2019

We are developing and launching new content in 2019. These will be available as workbooks and curriculum resource packs. Please contact us for training and licensing details on using the materials. Stay tuned for our official launch announcement in Q4 2019! Below is a preview of some of our materials.


adaptability oystercatcher comic thumbnail

Comics are a popular trend now. But it can be hard to find kid-friendly comics. We tell a short story for each animal and plant in our series in one page of comic strips. We also have raw version for children to practice writing and colouring.


To complement the nature songs, we have another set of character songs for each letter of the alphabet. Each song comes with its mp3 audio, sheet music, lyrics, and chords. Listen to a preview below.

“What should you do
when you face something new?
You’ve got to react.
You’ve got to adapt.”

adaptability (2019 song) sheet music

Sung to the tune of the ABC song:

“Grow, grow, grow our character;
Through the alphabet letters;
As we learn our ABC;
Travel round the world and see;
Fun with stories from nature;
Let’s go on our adventures.”


adaptability oystercatcher poster thumbnail

“The oystercatcher grows a beak shaped for the food it eats.”

Our motivational posters for kids are available both as colour wall posters, and as connect-the-dots and colouring activity worksheets.

adaptability oystercatcher connect dots thumbnail


oystercatcher cover thumbnail

“We oystercatchers really know how to adapt.
We find new food, and we react.”

Learn fun facts about animals and plants with our story series. Explore new vocabulary and rhymes. These stories expand upon the short summaries in the comics series with 10 pages of realistic and amazing hand-illustrated drawings for each story. Each page further shows an animation sequence of the character.

oystercatcher flying thumbnail

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