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Character English

“Growing your character one letter at a time.”

Introducing Character English

Character English is a character-building education program for kindergarten and lower elementary school children. It teaches children the 26 Character and Leadership Strengths, one by one through the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. What a fun and smart new way for young children to learn the ABCs!

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“Let’s go on an adventure.
Let’s go exploring nature.
There is so much to hear and see.
There is so much that we can be.
You and me, a happy family.”

Grow your Character strengths
one letter at a time...

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And lots more from A to Z!

Frequently Asked Questions

Character English is a character-building education program for kindergarten and lower elementary school children. Research has shown that many of our character strengths are formed during the early childhood period. Hence, it is crucial to start instilling character education early.

Since many of the Character Strengths are new concepts for young children, the first step is to have a general vocabulary for learning. That is why we have based our character education on the letters of the alphabet. For each new character strength, we begin with an overview and warm-up activities to get students excited about the program and stimulate thinking about the theme. Vocabulary is then introduced through word game activities, followed by songs and stories of the animal or plant themed on the Character Strength.

Our program uses a thematic learning approach with a breadth of content that spans across the STREAM education subject areas (science, technology, reading and writing, engineering, arts, mathematics), and much more. The lessons incorporate a range of multimodal learning experiences using visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic activities.

The interdisciplinary learning proceeds with activities that incorporate content from various subject areas (including science, technology, English language, engineering, art and craft, mathematics, history, geography, culture, and more) to further consolidate creative and critical learning.

The final wrap-up summarizes the lessons and invites reflection and planning of the subsequent steps for personal growth.

Our program is flexible and can be taught as one-to-one instruction or as a class in a variety of educational settings. Character English is ideal for homeschools, school assemblies, after-school programs, holiday workshops or camps, or as a resource for parents to use with their children.

Character Education Curriculum

Each A-Z Character Strength comes with its curriculum manual at two levels, for kindergarten and for elementary school children. You can select and start with any individual Character Strengths to learn, or you may proceed alphabetically from Adaptability to Zeal.

Real-World Nature Stories

The Character English program uses real-world scientific observations of animals and plants in nature. The behaviors of animals and plants in response to challenges can teach us valuable character lessons. Each story is fact-checked and is not from myths or made-up tales.

Interdisciplinary Thematic Learning

We use a thematic approach, and the breadth of our content spans across the STREAM education subject areas and more. The emphasis is on inquiry-based and authentic learning in real-world contexts to discuss age-appropriate personal applications by the children.

Character Education Learning Resources

We have Comics, Stories, Posters, Slide Decks, Drama Plays, Sing-Along Songs & Videos, Puzzle Games, Card Games, Art & Craft, Achievement Badges, and lots more. Our curriculum guides for teachers and parents have plenty of rich ideas for the children’s hands-on learning. These lesson plans and learning resources will equip you to teach character education to kindergarten and lower elementary school children in a fun and memorable way.


We tell a short one-page story for each animal and plant in our comic series. The comics come full-colored and black-and-white for coloring.


These picture storybooks expand upon the short summaries in the comic series. Learn new vocabulary and rhymes, as well as more fun facts about the animals and plants.


These posters summarize the lessons as one-sentence liners that are easy to remember. They come full-colored, black-and-white for coloring, and with connect-the-dot activities.

Songs & Music Videos

We have a collection of 60 songs to teach the A to Z Character Strengths. All the tracks come with their music video file, sheet music, lyrics, and chords. Below are samples from our Character English songs.

Sample song 1:
The ABC Song


“Grow, grow, grow our character
Through the alphabet letters
As we learn our ABC
Travel around the world and see
Fun with stories from nature
Let’s go on our adventures.”

Sample song 2:


“What should you do
when you face something new?
You’ve got to react.
You’ve got to adapt.”

Sample song 3:
The Adapta-bird


“The oystercatcher
really knows how to adapt.
When there is a need it will change
and that’s how it reacts.”

Art & Craft

We have many creative ideas for hands-on art & craft activities in the curriculum manual for the different ages.

Puzzle Games

These puzzle games enable you to develop your visual-spatial intelligence. Cut out each large shape into smaller puzzle pieces and have fun assembling them into the animals and plants.

Card Games

This set of cards can be played as memory and matching games for creative storytelling in many exciting ways. It offers hours of fun and learning that you can spend with your child.

Role-playing Skits

Color and cut your own party face masks and role-play the different animals and plants in drama plays to tell the stories.

Slide Decks

The slide decks show real-life photos of the animals and plants in their natural settings to help children deepen their connection with nature.

achievement badges

Completion of each alphabet letter will earn you a Character English achievement badge. ​ Learn through the program from A to Z to collect them all!

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Free Education Resources

We will be launching our Online Learning Center soon with free sample learning ideas and educational materials that you can use online or download and print for your children to enjoy. In the meanwhile, please contact us for additional information. We would love to discuss teaching and learning ideas with you for effective implementation of character education with your children.