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Our extended set of learning resources and support are accessible through our member resources page by purchasing a Character English® membership subscription (launching soon). Character English has 26 character strength lesson packages. The first six character strengths from A to F have been launched in 2019, and the remaining will be ready in 2020.

Through generous giving and to celebrate the relaunch of our Character English® programme, we are making materials from our A, B and C lesson packages available for FREE here. We have samples from Adaptability below and will be putting up more materials soon. We will also be publishing a weekly blog post to explain how we use these lesson packages to teach character education and social-emotional learning. Please check back for updates, or follow us on Facebook.

You are welcome to use these materials for your personal, non-commercial use only in accordance to our terms & conditions For commercial or other use, please contact us for licensing.

Character English FREE resources

Comics, Posters & Music

Click on the thumbnails below to open the lightbox for viewing the files. To close the lightbox, click on the ‘X’ button on the top-right corner or press the keyboard ESC key. You are welcome to print these pages for your or your family’s personal use. We hope you enjoy them!

Shelf Wood

Video: The ABC Song

Video: A for Adaptability

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Ideally, we would wish to make all our learning resources free! But as with all jobs, creating these resources takes paid time and effort. If you like our learning materials, please support us through a Character English® membership subscription (launching soon). Your contribution will enable us to continue creating more learning resources, as well as make more content free to those who can’t afford.


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