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“Inspiring your life with the light of nature.”

Leadership of Nature® is an upcoming e-learning programme that uses inspirational stories from nature to explore 26 leadership strengths following the letters of the alphabet from A to Z.

The programme is targeted for upper primary children and above to help them find success in life both now for their studies and for the future workplace.

What are the 26 character & leadership strengths?

The Character English® and Leadership of Nature® programmes are based on the same set of 26 character and leadership strengths. Our list and definitions are below.

Adaptability means being flexible enough to effectively respond to our many different and changing needs.

We have many things to do, but resources are limited. We should balance our priorities as we work towards our goals.

Commitment means being dedicated to something, especially when others are relying on us to do it well.

Determination means never giving up in the face of difficulty, especially when we are learning something new.

To encourage someone means to help them believe that they can accomplish something. You can encourage someone with kind words or deeds.

There are many things that demand our attention. Being focused means paying attention to what matters, and not being distracted by things that aren’t important.

As we grow up, it is important to look to older people (or people who know more than we do about a specific subject) for guidance. When someone gives guidance, they give advice. They teach and counsel us.

To be humble means that we recognise that we are no more important than anyone else. Of course we can recognise and use our own gifts and talents, but arrogance and bragging is the opposite of humility.

Being inspired means getting energy or ideas from another source. Finding different sources of inspiration will help you think critically and creatively.

Joy is a feeling of happiness that comes from the inside. You can choose to have joy, even when circumstances don’t seem fun. Having joy will help you enjoy everything you do.

To be kind means to show consideration to others. It is important to be kind, especially to those in need, and to those who cannot take care of themselves.

Learning means acquiring new knowledge or skill. You are learning right now! It is important to understand that there are many ways to learn.

Showing maturity means showing how we’ve learned and grown from past experiences. As we gain maturity, we make wiser choices.

Neatness is order and cleanliness. It requires a continuous effort to maintain neatness.

Optimism means choosing to see the good in things. Optimistic people have positive attitudes, even in negative circumstances.

A perspective is a point of view. It is important to look at something from different perspectives. This helps us to understand it more fully.

It is important to make our work of good quality so that it will last the tests of time and repeated use.

Reflecting on something means thinking through it deeply and many times over in order to fully understand.

A skill is a learned ability. It takes practice to develop a skill. Skills are important because they help us to be productive and successful!

In order to get others to trust us, we must first be willing to open ourselves up. We must be vulnerable and trust them.

Unity happens when individuals use their unique skills and talents to work together as a team with common goals.

Working with a vision means being able to see beyond the current situation towards the end goal of what could exist.

Being watchful and aware of our surroundings keeps us safe and helps us be more productive.

Each of us is unique. Celebrating our X-factor means celebrating our similarities and our differences.

Rest and recreation maintain our freshness and youthfulness.

Showing zeal means showing great enthusiasm and energy towards a goal.


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