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“Inspiring your life with the light of nature.”

Leadership of NatureTM is an upcoming e-learning programme that uses inspirational science facts and stories of animals and plants in nature to teach 26 essential leadership life-skills following the letters of the alphabet from A (adaptability) to Z (zeal).

Our list of values: Adaptability, Balance, Commitment, Determination, Encouragement, Focus, Guidance, Humility, Inspiration, Joy, Kindness, Learning, Maturity, Neatness, Optimism, Perspective, Quality, Reflection, Skillfulness, Trust, Unity, Vision, Watchfulness, X-factor, Youthfulness, Zeal.

Targeted for children and youth in upper primary, secondary and post-secondary education, the programme will help equip youth with important character traits for success in life both now for their studies and for the future workplace.

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