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Leadership of Nature

“Inspiring your life with the light of nature.”
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Introducing Leadership of Nature

Leadership of Nature is a leadership development for upper elementary and middle school children. It uses real-world inspirational stories about animals and plants from nature to illustrate and discuss the 26 Character and Leadership Strengths. Your child will connect with the amazing world of nature and appreciate and awe at its many wonders as they learn leadership life lessons. They will be equipped with essential life-skills for success in life both for their studies and the future workplace. 

Grow your leadership strengths
one letter at a time...

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And lots more from A to Z!

Amazing Science Facts

Discover fun and fascinating facts about animals and plants in the world around us. The Leadership of Nature program is an exciting complement to the science subject learning of upper elementary students.

Real-World Nature Stories

The Leadership of Nature program uses real-world scientific observations of animals and plants in nature. Each story is fact-checked and is not from myths or made-up tales.

Personal Growth Applications

Having learnt about how the animal or plant responds to its challenges, the Leadership of Nature program then brings the lesson to the personal level. How can we relate to the story and display the leadership life-skill to do good in our lives? Let us think, talk, and plan!

Leadership Life-Skills Learning Resources

Our digital and print curriculum resources for educators and parents include presentation slide decks, trifold brochures, motivational posters, and coloring postcards.

Presentation Slide Decks

Our PowerPoint or PDF slide decks on each leadership theme are ready-to-use resources for classroom teaching and discussion.

Trifold Brochures

Accompanying each slide deck is a trifold brochure that the children may take home for their review and reflection.

Motivational Posters

Our motivational posters can be decorated on the classroom walls or your home walls. These posters are good daily reminders of the leadership strengths.

Coloring Postcards

Practice mindfulness as you color our nature-themed postcard for each leadership strength. Use it as a bookmark or mail it to a friend as an encouragement gift.

Sample Presentation Slide Deck

See the unique features of our program below. The slide decks come together with the teacher lesson plans with teaching scripts and activity ideas for immediate ease of use.

Launching soon on our Online Learning Center

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The Leadership of Nature program will also be launching soon as an online learning program for upper elementary and middle school children on our E-portal. This gamified learning environment for mobile learning will include bonus interactive activities not found in the slide decks and trifold brochures.

The Online Learning Center can be used by schools and by families for the students’ self-regulated online learning. It can be used in a blended learning approach with the print resources as an optional supplementary resource. Contact us today for more information.