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The Rolling Square

“Shaping your Social-Emotional Intelligence”


“There was a Square that wished to roll,
But on a flat ground it just couldn’t go.
And the circles passing by,
Told Square to give it a try.
Would you give it a try?”

We are all Square

The Rolling Square is a life coaching program to develop your socio-emotional learning (SEL) competencies. The program is based on the three The Rolling Square inspirational picture storybooks. The motivational stories will help you gain a new understanding of yourself, inspire you to find your purpose in life, and teach you to maximize your strengths and overcome your limitations. The target audience of this life coaching program is youth and adults. We also have workshops to guide and equip parents and teachers in using these books with their children.
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Find Yourself and Your Place to Roll

Have you ever felt that you had some greater purpose in life? Well, let me be one to give you an affirmation – YES, you are extra special, and you are meant for something special!

Each of us is different and unique. But I believe we can all relate to Square. The circles around Square could roll so effortlessly. But no matter how hard Square tried, it just could not get going. Maybe Square was not meant to roll. But still, there is a deep feeling inside that it could do more.

Like Square looking at the circles, we sometimes look around and see others seemingly able to get going so effortlessly. When we are stuck in a situation after trying and failing, repeating the same thing will not help. We need to get new understanding and new ideas.

The Rolling Square life coaching program is based upon the three Rolling Square stories (“The Square that Wanted to Roll”, “The Half-Square”, and “Square & Shapes Journey to Rainbow’s End”). These books will help us discuss and develop our social-emotional competencies to find success in life. Explore your answers to some of life’s fundamental questions:

Who am I?
Where am I going?
How can I get there?
What will I do when I get there?

Of course, none of these questions will matter if you do not know: Why are we doing this anyway?

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What is Social-Emotional Learning?

Social-emotional learning is the process that enables us to understand and manage ourselves and others toward nurturing positive relationships and achieving positive life goals. Social-emotional learning is related to but different from character education. Character education provides character and leadership strengths as building blocks for success. However, because each person is unique, we use these strengths differently and practically. Social-emotional learning will help you understand yourself better – your VIPS!

What Are Your VIPS?

You are your VIPS. The VIPS are your values, interests, preferences, and strengths.

Values: Why do you do it?
Interests: What do you like to do?
Preferences: How do you like to do it?
Skills: How good are you at it?

Each of us is different in our combinations and expressions of our VIPS. It is when Square realizes who it is that it can finally get rolling. Likewise, when you begin to understand your VIPS, you can find and enjoy the true meaning of happiness and success.

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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is the process of helping you see and understand yourself and your situation better. It will enable you to make better decisions and plan the right strategies to move forward in life.

Unlike a teacher or mentor who might give more specific instructions or advice, a life coach focuses on asking the right questions to help you think through the steps for actions towards your goals. Because we are sometimes too close and emotionally entangled in our life situations, we may have mental blocks that keep us from making the best decisions.

A life coach can provide perspective to help you get unstuck and rolling. The Rolling Square life coaching program will help you explore your VIPS and get moving forward.

Read the Rolling Square books

The Square that Wanted to Roll

Read the first book in the Square trilogy that started it all.

The Square that Wanted to Roll book cover

Book 1: The Square that Wanted to Roll

Find yourself and your place to roll...


In the first book, we meet Square and learn of its struggles to get rolling. How can a Square roll? The circles seem to roll easily, but Square just cannot get going. There are many hurts and pains along the way. But learn how Square finally comes to see who it is and understands the right environment for it to find success. Just like Square, you too can find yourself and your place to roll to your dreams.

This book was released in 2014, and ever since, many people in different countries around the world have enjoyed reading it. Read a free preview of Chapter One and testimonials from our global readers below.

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Free Preview!
Read Chapter One: The Square...

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Samantha Wong
Read More
I was intrigued when I started the story… how was ‘Square’ going to roll?? What a lovely and simply told narrative that would inspire and motivate anyone to embrace their own special attributes and individuality! The message comes across in parts; when Square was discouraged by his attempts, then he started to discover his strengths and personality, then he started to apply these to make his goals attainable, which lead him to feel fulfilled in his growth and exploration and application! Young and old, the message applies to everyone who may feel pressured to fit a mold. I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone!
Claire Li
Read More
Great book for kids! The rhyming and illustrations are well done, a great book for reading to children!
Kyung Min Kim
Read More
We all are. There are times of deep solitude, and mostly it is the time when I realize I am the only one square among the world of circles. But after that time of darkness passes by, we often realize ones who looked like circles were also squares going through the darkness next to us.
There are times full of unanswered questions, where I have no choice but to go through a path that requires so much friction. But only after an endless series of struggles, we find ourselves knowing how to go through the path in a smoother way.
So these are the reasons we need to continue rolling today.
Subrata DAS
Read More
I have read the book on the rolling square and loved the illustrations. The way of storytelling was inspiring. I am glad to see Dr. Hua Loon has initiated the publishing company and the website to make sure that more people from around the world can reach to the resources. Good luck to The Rolling Square team.
Hy T. Quach-Hoang
Read More
No book is worth reading except your own mind and no story is worth telling except your own experience. These are the reasons why I strongly believe that this book is such a precious gift to me and everybody. It is a reflection of life full of ups and downs and surprising turns, in which self-discovery and adjustment play an important role. Overcoming difficulties is building up strength for the upcoming exciting future and for sharing and helping others. The end of the story is just the beginning of many new journeys, which I look forward to reading more.
Read More
Enjoyable read with a simple and powerful message. I look forward to sharing this story with others in the future.
Patricia Lee
Read More
The Rolling Square is a charming little story - a reminder to all of us to treasure our individual uniqueness and to never give up on our dreams and desires. Written in a simple narrative, with equally simple but powerful illustrations, it is a book I would highly recommend to young and old alike. Yes, like the little square, we must all dare to break out of the confines that society has subconsciously placed on us, to discover our true worth. Well done, Hua Loon!
Chris Ang
Read More
Using simple but lively illustrations, the author conveyed an insightful message that we are able to achieve our goals when we know and accept ourselves just the way we are. My 3-year niece was captivated by the story and illustrations that she had me read to her more than 3 times in a day! An enjoyable read for both the young and old.
Read More
Fascinating book indeed! I am really moved by the insights of the book.The book is really worthy of reading both for children and adults for moving forward in their life with whatever shortcoming they have.
Irene Y
Read More
This is a simple book with big lessons, which I initially thought was for children, but I was wrong. After my two kids finished with it, I myself was drawn to it too. It applies to everyone from all background and all age groups. The book is interesting, profound, inspiring and speaks directly to each of us. I liked the way it's written and the graphics speaks magnitude too. This book is great to motivate teams, inspire self, teach the young and remind the old. Great job Hua Loon!
Rebecca Lee
Read More
Superb book and great for children and adults.. For preschooler children so that they can see that knowing their strengths and working on them will help develop who they are for the future.. And starting them young to that realisation and to hone it is a great step. Even for me after reading it reminded me of this African proverb once shared,
'If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.'
Kudos to the author for such great n simple illustrations n storyline, definitely some great life lessons worth cherishing for the old and young! Great bedtime story not to mention..;)
King Rach
Read More
I love the graphics! Can a black & white picture book be captivating? Yet, this book is such a keeper to me because of the eye-catching graphics and also the simple story that contains such profound truths that even us as adults do sometimes forget. Great book with an important lesson to learn, a truth to remember, across the ages, even for pre-schoolers (and that is not easy to achieve). I can't wait to be married and have kids so I can read with them!
Akash S
Read More
The most profound of life-lessons in a simple, yet powerful narrative.
Phoebe Lim
Read More
I would encourage parents to get this book for their children and schools to get this into their libraries. Its simple yet powerful meaning and message is brought across attractively. Definitely must have!
Read More
Insightful, encouraging and refreshing! It certainly challenged me to think outside the box (or circle in this case). A simple and honest story about finding yourself and having the right focus in life.
Patrick Wee
Read More
Brevity is an art; and 'The Rolling Square' story and illustrations attest to that fact. It gives a concise account of embracing and accepting oneself and others' potential, as well as differences, in adapting and thriving in society.
Fung Hoi Fung
Hong Kong SAR
Read More
This book is simple but meaningful! It helps the readers (especially kids) to realise that everyone is unique and has one's own special merits.
Donald Gonsalves
Read More
Awesome book. It's such simple and meaningful story, illustrated beautifully to provide a wonderful visual experience. My kids love it a lot and they keep turning the pages to read the story again and again. Also, the book teaches them the values that I am really happy of.
Peh Ern
Read More
Read to my 3 year old and he was engaged by the simple illustrations and insightful storyline. Though he may not yet grasp the intent of the story, he enjoyed it!
KC Chong
Read More
Simple yet profound message that you can just be yourself...everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and reading the book helps you to uncover it and embrace your traits. Highly recommended!
Kunal Jagtiani
Read More
Great book with a very good message! Simple and very well illustrated making it easy to understand.
Lauren Y
Read More
A light-hearted, feel-good story, with a big-hearted message - highly recommended and relevant for all ages and walks of life. I've shared this book with my colleagues at work, close friends and family members who loved the thoughtful illustrations and story. I had been working as a finance lawyer in a New York law firm for the past 6.5 years and it was a breath of fresh air for me, and offered a much needed respite from the daily grind. It reminded me that I too can find joy in charting my own journey in my own way, and that it was really "ok" to do so at my own pace. What a valuable message, housed in a lovely book that would be a great gift of encouragement for friends and family.

Book 2: The Half-Square

Discover that sometimes, less may be more..


Is the Square half-empty or half-full? This is a puzzling age-old question that has been asked by many. In this story, we discover that perplexing problems can sometimes be solved by seeing things from a different perspective. Join Square as it discovers how life often hits us with a deep, personal hurt and unexpected trial that does not seem to have a solution. But if we cannot change the situation, we can change ourselves. Learn with Square as it discovers that being less can sometimes be more.

The Half-Square

The second story of Square as it understands more (and less) about itself.

The Half-Square book cover
The Rolling Square image

Stay tuned: Book 2 and Book 3 launching soon!

Square & Shapes Journey to Rainbow's End

Journey with Square and the Shapes on an adventure to discover leadership and teamwork.

Square and Shapes Journey to Rainbow's End book cover

Book 3: Square & Shapes Journey to Rainbow’s End

Success is only complete when everyone rolls together...


Every shape can roll. But Triangle is facing trouble getting going. Join Square and the Shapes as they go on an adventure to help Triangle discover how to roll. Along the way, they will face many challenges, which they will need to overcome by contributing their individual strengths and working together. Each of us has leadership strengths that can contribute to the success of one another. Let us learn the value of teamwork and friendship!

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